Building Progress August 26, 2014

Building Aug2614.6

Work continues to progress on the new Mission and Ministry Building.  Thank you to God for providing this facility.  Thank you to the faithful members of MLLC who have contributed time, labor, prayer, money, materials and helpful feedback on this project.  We are looking forward to this project being completed in the coming months.

A few weeks ago the doors were installed.

Building Aug2614.7


Last week the HVAC was installed.

Building Aug2614.5


The drywall pieces were delivered today.

Building Aug2614.2 Building Aug2614.1 Building Aug2614.3


The plumber began working to install the kitchen pipes.

Building Aug2614.4

During this time of construction the Housing/New Building Committee has been doing some brainstorming regarding the parsonage renovations.  The plans in this photo are simply one stage in the brainstorming process, and do not reflect any final decisions.  Remember to keep these faithful servants in your prayers as they work through the ideas of what will be done with these renovations and the work of completing the new Mission and Ministry building.

Building Aug2614.8

To view previous articles about this building project click this link.

VBS Soap Challenge Update

New VBS Soap Aug2114

Great News!

The official count for the Vacation Bible School Bar Soap Challenge has been revised.

After a careful recount of all the packages of individually wrapped bar soap we have a new and higher total.


The Vacation Bible School Students collected 246 bars.

The adults in the congregation collected 233 bars.

That is a grand total of 479 individually wrapped bar soap.

We need only 21 more bars to make it 500!  New donations are always welcome.

Check out the previous notice regarding this special project.  Click here.


Thank you to the generous children and adults who have given so much so far.


Wilderness Escape – Day 3


We continue to have a great week at Wilderness Escape VBS.  Day 3 – Wednesday included a presentation by Moses about how God helps us.  To illustrate this he told the story of how the Israelites battled the Amalekites (Exodus 17:8-16).  Aaron and Hur helped Moses keep his staff raised above his head during the battle. God’s help for us includes the help of other people in our lives.


Another special feature of Wilderness Escape VBS is the “Israelite Camp”.  This is housed in our fellowship hall.  The room is set up with tents and special vendors who help the students enter into the world of the ancient Israelites.  There are various shops where the children can engage with adults who help them get their food, do crafts, and learn about how various people struggled with their faith in the time of the Exodus.  In addition to the food there have been six shops:

Town Cleaner


Rope Weaver


Instrument Shop


Sandal Stitcher


Sand Artisan




Wilderness Escape VBS uses a variety of learning experiences to help the children engage with the message of God’s goodness for us.

An engaging message


Joyful and active singing


and Small Group experiences




We are very thankful for the joyful opportunity which these young people have during Vacation Bible School at MLLC.  We invite your continued prayers as we complete our week with Day 4 on Thursday, Day 5 on Friday, and our final program at worship on Sunday, June 27, at 9 a.m.


Wilderness Escape – Day 2



We had a wonderful night at Wilderness Escape on Tuesday.  We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for providing the opportunity for children in the community of Carmine, and surrounding areas, to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your support and prayers during this very exciting week.


At Wilderness Escape VBS on Tuesday:

*The children prayed together.  See above.

*The children praised the Lord with joyful, active songs.


*They visited with Moses – Guess who?


*Moses told them about the Lord’s gift of “quail” in the evening.  (Peeps filled in for the “quail”)


*They even cooked the “quail” over an open “fire”.


*They saw how the Lord provided “manna” in the morning.  (Frosted Flakes cereal filled in for “manna”)  What is it?



*As we head through the week, remember to bring new, wrapped soap for Lutheran World Relief.  This is our outreach and charity project for VBS 2014.



We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at Wilderness Escape VBS!

Wilderness Escape – Day 1


Moses led the Children of Israel through the Red Sea at the first night of Wilderness Escape Vacation Bible School.  Best of all, the children of the community and congregation had the opportunity to get to know more about God’s love and that we can trust in the Lord.

You can still participate in Vacation Bible School at MLLC in Carmine. Come on out Tuesday through Friday.  We begin Day 2 at 5:30 p.m.  We are having a great time and would love to have you be part of our great time together.  Thank you to God for our great time.  Thank you to parents, grandparents, friends and supporters who make it possible for this great week of learning and outreach to happen.

Our Final Program will be at worship on Sunday, July 27, at 9 a.m.

IMG_3940 IMG_3884 IMG_3861



Building Progress June 16, 2014

Building Progress Jun1614


After a short hiatus, building work is moving forward.  The framing up of the walls is progressing well.

There have been numerous, generous donations toward this project.  With recent gifts the total amount which we expect to be needed for general construction has been given by .  Further donations will go toward furnishings and finishing out the building.

Building Progress May 19, 2014

Building Progress May1914

Work on the new Mission and Ministry Building continues at MLLC.

Each week there are new things happening. Pretty soon the walls and roof will be going up.  Then we will move into completion of the inside.

We are continually thankful to God and to the congregation for our work together on this project.  This will be be a facility which all generations will use.  This is a facility which will be used to bless the community of Carmine, and will help extend our reach to the ends of the earth.

Thank you for your continued partnership in ministry.  Remember to keep MLLC in your prayers during the construction and completion of the Mission and Ministry Building.

Invitation to Lent & Holy Week


The centerpiece of the church year is the season of Lent and the events of Holy Week.  We invite you to be part of our revisiting of these core events in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Click over to our Lent & Holy Week Schedule to find out more.

Souper Bowl of Caring Update


Great news! 

We are well on our way to our goal for the Souper Bowl of Caring in 2014. As of Sunday, January 26, 2014, we have collected $223.00 for local hunger relief.  The Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO) of Martin Luther Lutheran Church thanks you for your generosity so far.

Our goal is to meet or exceed last year’s total.  In 2013 we collected $637.74.  We are only $415.75 away from exceeding last year’s very successful year.  Together we can help alleviate hunger in our community.

If you will not be able to attend worship this Sunday, or you simply forget to bring something to give on those dates, feel free to drop by or mail your Souper Bowl of Caring gifts to the church office by February 9. 

Church address:

Martin Luther Lutheran Church

P O BOX 362

Carmine, TX 78932-0362


Here is the official web site of the Souper Bowl of Caring:

Here is the Mission and Vision of the national Souper Bowl of Caring ministry:

Mission / Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Using the energy of the Super Bowl to mobilize youth in a united national effort to care for people in their local communities who are hungry and those in need.

Vision Statement

Transform the time around the Super Bowl into the nation’s largest celebration of giving and serving.

We believe:

  • The idea for Souper Bowl of Caring is a gift from God
  • Young people have the ability to serve and should be given opportunities to lead their communities in helping others
  • Every dollar collected through Souper Bowl of Caring should be donated directly to a charity selected by each participating group
  • People of all backgrounds and beliefs can work together
  • Hunger and poverty have a negative impact on individuals and the communities in which they live, yet there is joy in serving and giving to those in need
  • The excitement and energy surrounding the Super Bowl can be used to engage young people in service while producing lasting hope for all people