Looking Forward to Holy Week 2019

Holy Week Schedule

We are looking forward to our annual observance of Holy Week here at MLLC in Carmine.  This is a powerful event which connects us to the core message and story of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to participate in these meaningful and reflective services.  Each is quite unique from what we do on other days of the year.  The actions and words in worship guide us through the various events of this final week of Jesus’ ministry.

In recent years some people have gotten out of the good habit of participating in the various Holy Week services.  This year can be a blessed opportunity for any and all to recommit to engaging in the story of Jesus through the Holy Week services.

We will share our services with our partner church, Waldeck Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ledbetter.  Information about when and where we will be gathered for worship is noted in the schedule.  Here is the link to the Holy Week 2019 schedule:  click link.

The Vigil of Easter – March 26


Three Celebrations of the Resurrection

1:  The Great Vigil of Easter – 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 26 – see the introduction below.

2:  Easter Sunrise – 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, at the Carmine Cemetery

3:  Easter Festival – 9 a.m. on Sunday

The Easter Breakfast will take place at 8 a.m. in the fellowship hall.

The Easter Egg hunt will follow worship on the church lawn, or in the fellowship hall if weather is unfavorable.

The Great Vigil of Easter

Saturday, March 26, 7 p.m.

Click this link to view a blog post by our own Jennifer Clark Tinker which tells about her experience and joy related to attending the Great Vigil of Easter each year.


An Introduction to the Vigil of Easter

Like the children of Israel who watched and waited through the night for the Lord of the Exodus, we too come together this night to watch and wait for the Lord of the Resurrection. We come, as Christians have come since the first century, to keep vigil and to prepare ourselves for the arrival of the Bridegroom who is chief host and guest at the Resurrection feast to come.

First, we must break the darkness of the night.   Like the virgins in the parable, we must light our vigil lights. Our light will be a very special light, for it is the light of Christ which burns atop the Paschal candle and which dispels the darkness — of night, of sin, of death. Our light will be a constant reminder of the Resurrection victory during the coming season, at every baptism and at every funeral. But for now, it will burn in vigil as we await the Bridegroom.

When we have settled into our pews for the watch, we hear the storytellers among us sharing the stories of our faith — the stories of God’s salvation history and the covenants which he made with our people. These are our “family” stories. We listen. We sing. We watch. And we wait for the feast to come.

After hearing our stories, we make our last minute preparations to meet our Lord. All must be right for the feast. On some years those among us who have not yet joined us are brought into membership with us this night, making all who are here part of the Church family, known as the Bride of Christ.  Each year, so that the whole family is prepared, each of us reaffirms our faith through the Apostles Creed. As we interact with the water and the Lord, we hear and we feel that grace which was given to us through our baptism.

We are nearly ready. The time is close.  We prepare the room and set the table for the Feast of Victory, the First Holy Communion of this greatest festival day of all. And then at last He comes! The Resurrection victory is won! The Bridegroom has come through the darkness to claim his Bride, the Church, to be his own. This is the feast of victory!  In the end flowers and banners must adorn the space, for our time this evening and tomorrow will be a feast to remember.


Resurrection Sunday Fun

Easter Fun 2015 egg 5

Celebrating the Joy of our life in the light of Christ.

We gathered for worship at our three different worship times on the weekend of April 4-5:  Easter Vigil – Saturday at 7:00 p.m.; Easter Sunrise – Sunday at 7:30 a.m.; and Easter Festival – Sunday at 9:00 a.m.  After the third of these celebrations of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ we held our traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  This was followed by a lesson about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  A craft was enjoyed by children, teens and adults.

Thank you to the Christian Education Committee and the various volunteers who helped to make this such a great celebration of the saving work of Jesus Christ.

This egg hunt is all in good fun and spreads the joy of the day to the younger generations.  Children and adults are playing together and making wonderful memories of our life together.

Here are some photos from our after worship celebrations.

Easter Fun 2015 egg 7

Easter Fun 2015 egg 6

Easter Fun 2015 egg 4

Easter Fun 2015 egg 3

Easter Fun 2015 egg 2

Easter Fun 2015 egg 1

Easter Fun 2015 Diana

Easter Fun 2015 craft 4

Easter Fun 2015 craft 3

Easter Fun 2015 craft 2

Easter Fun 2015 craft 1

East Fun 2015 group 1

Holy Week is Coming Soon


The centerpiece of the church year is the season of Lent and the events of Holy Week.  We invite you to be part of our revisiting of these core events in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Click over to our Lent & Holy Week Schedule to find out more.  It is all listed on our recently updated main church page:  Here is the Link.

Invitation to Lent & Holy Week


The centerpiece of the church year is the season of Lent and the events of Holy Week.  We invite you to be part of our revisiting of these core events in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Click over to our Lent & Holy Week Schedule to find out more.