Building Progress August 26, 2014

Building Aug2614.6

Work continues to progress on the new Mission and Ministry Building.  Thank you to God for providing this facility.  Thank you to the faithful members of MLLC who have contributed time, labor, prayer, money, materials and helpful feedback on this project.  We are looking forward to this project being completed in the coming months.

A few weeks ago the doors were installed.

Building Aug2614.7


Last week the HVAC was installed.

Building Aug2614.5


The drywall pieces were delivered today.

Building Aug2614.2 Building Aug2614.1 Building Aug2614.3


The plumber began working to install the kitchen pipes.

Building Aug2614.4

During this time of construction the Housing/New Building Committee has been doing some brainstorming regarding the parsonage renovations.  The plans in this photo are simply one stage in the brainstorming process, and do not reflect any final decisions.  Remember to keep these faithful servants in your prayers as they work through the ideas of what will be done with these renovations and the work of completing the new Mission and Ministry building.

Building Aug2614.8

To view previous articles about this building project click this link.

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