A happy couple after a recent wedding at MLLC.

We love Weddings at MLLC

Weddings are a wonderful part of ministry for a church.  Even more so, weddings are a delightful part of life for a couple who join their lives as one.

Our minister, Pastor David Tinker, will gladly work with you in preparing for your wedding.  He is willing to officiate at a wedding either at the church or at a location of your choosing.  This could be at a reception hall, a rented chapel, a home, under a favorite tree, outside or inside, wherever, and the wedding could be in the Carmine area or at a chosen destination.  No matter where your wedding is taking place, please consult with him prior to finalizing your service date and time.

Also note, our pastor will lead a wedding on any day of the week.  For weddings on weekends, please remember that MLLC is always reserved for a regular worship service at 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays, weddings would need to be scheduled to avoid interfering with that worship time.  The church is also always reserved on Sundays until noon.  Note that neither the pastor nor the church are available for weddings on the Easter weekend, Thursday through Sunday (please note, this date of Easter changes every year, so please ask), or Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Please consult the pastor regarding costs and preparation for your wedding day with our pastor, and possibly at MLLC.