Wilderness Escape – Day 2



We had a wonderful night at Wilderness Escape on Tuesday.  We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for providing the opportunity for children in the community of Carmine, and surrounding areas, to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your support and prayers during this very exciting week.


At Wilderness Escape VBS on Tuesday:

*The children prayed together.  See above.

*The children praised the Lord with joyful, active songs.


*They visited with Moses – Guess who?


*Moses told them about the Lord’s gift of “quail” in the evening.  (Peeps filled in for the “quail”)


*They even cooked the “quail” over an open “fire”.


*They saw how the Lord provided “manna” in the morning.  (Frosted Flakes cereal filled in for “manna”)  What is it?



*As we head through the week, remember to bring new, wrapped soap for Lutheran World Relief.  This is our outreach and charity project for VBS 2014.



We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at Wilderness Escape VBS!

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