Cans for Camping

Aluminum Cans making a Positive Difference for Youth

For several years the Men in Mission of MLLC have been collecting aluminum beverage cans for a special purpose.  They are working to help make sure young people from MLLC get some help to attend Lutheran Church Bible Camp at Lutherhill.  In recent years this men’s ministry group has quietly collected these cans to raise money from selling these through recycling.  This year the Men in Mission were able to provide $50.00 per youth member for their participation a summer camping program at Lutherhill.

The Men in Mission have not been alone in this. They have had significant support from many people who donate enough cans each year to provide this encouragement and assistance to many youth.   They don’t really know all who those who make the donations. This is because the donation center is outside in a quiet corner of the church facilities.  Every week kind, and generally anonymous, individuals drop off bag upon bag of empty aluminum beverage cans to help our youth.

You can be part of this happy cause as well.  Simply set aside your used aluminum beverage cans.  Then, when you are on your way to worship, or heading to or through town, simply grab your bags of cans and leave these at the donation station.

The donation station is on the north side of the building – the side facing US 290.  This is under the covered part of the  drive through, drop off entrance to the fellowship hall.  These photos show the can receptacles in the context of the north entrance.  The station is open 24 hours a day.

Thank you all for your partnership in ministry at MLLC.  Together we are making disciples of Jesus Christ and sharing God’s love to the ends of the earth.

Boxes for Seafarers – November 30

Christmas Boxes 2014 filling

Packing of boxes will take place on Monday, November 30, at 6 p.m. in the parlor at MLLC – the room just before the church offices.
All are invited to participate.


Dear Friends in Christ,

The Martin Luther Men in Mission want very much to express our appreciation and thanks to all congregation members and friends who chose to contribute to the Port of Houston Seafarers Shoe-box Christmas project. You did a very good job last year, but you have exceeded that this year.

I know that many times it’s not wise to single out someone for the fear of missing someone who has contributed as much. However, I’ll take the chance (and if I learn that someone has done likewise, I’d gladly apologize and give them their due). About four to six weeks ago Ms. Dianne Sager told me that she and Mr. Ted Sager had applied for a $250.00 grant from Thrivent Financial for items to fill the shoe boxes. Several weeks ago she told me she had received the grant. Two weeks ago she had purchased the items and had filled the collection box, and if we needed help she would gladly help. It is hard to beat her enthusiasm.

We will be packing and wrapping the boxes on Monday, November 30 at 6:00 p.m. All congregation members and friends who want to join in the project are invited to come when they can. Again, thanks.

Yours in Christ,
Alvis Mueller – MLLC Men in Mission President

Christmas Boxes for Seafarers 2015

Christmas Boxes 2014 out front

Photo:  Pastor David Tinker and his son delivering the boxes last year at the Port of Houston.

Christmas Boxes for Port of Houston Seafarers 2015

We invite you to participate in this caring ministry of MLLC.  The Lutheran Men in Mission of MLLC will again prepare the Christmas Boxes of Port of Houston Seafarers. This is a ministry which brings cheer, God’s love, and practical gifts to people from around the world who must be away from family at Christmas. Between now and Thanksgiving weekend 2015 we invite you to collect items for the Men in Mission to pack for the seafarers. A collection station for these items will be set up during September. Last year there were 34 boxes assembled. Here is the address to our web page article about last year’s efforts:

The men on the ships truly appreciate the love and hospitality offered by these Christmas Boxes. Think about your life. Most of us get to be home every night with family and/or near friendly neighbors. Those who work in shipping are away from home for months at a time. They are thankful for the work, but they miss their families, friends and home communities.

The Port of Houston Chaplains are our ambassadors to these seafarers. They visit the ships and bring the boxes to the crews. On their web site the chaplains tell us: “Crew sizes vary between 8 and 30, with an average number of 22 seafarers to gift per ship. In 2014, we placed 11,392 gifts on board 512 ships which had seafarers from 69 different countries! These gifts had been donated to the seafarers by 223 churches and organizations! The Christmas boxes are personally carried to each ship by your staff of Port Chaplains.” Their web site is:

With our work together at MLLC we can help reach even more with the love of Jesus Christ.

Here is the official notice about this program from the Port of Houston Chaplains.  Click this link.

Please gather items such as these for the men on the ships:
Empty shoe boxes or purchased plastic shoe boxes to pack the items.
Address books
Band-aids (fabric)
Baseball caps
2016 Calendars
Dental Floss
Disposable razors
Flashlight and batteries
Kleenex – small packs
Lip balm
Nail clippers
Gold Bond cream
Gold Bond powder
Hot Chocolate (individual serving size)
Needles and thread
Shaving cream
Gum and hard candy
Key chains
Pocket-sized notebooks
Mechanical pencils
Playing cards
Microwave popcorn
Sudoku books
Texas souvenirs
USB flash drives
Word search books

Christmas Boxes for Houston Seafarers

Christmas Boxes 2014 working

A caring tradition of MLLC was revived this year.  The Lutheran Men in Mission of MLLC resumed filling and distributing Christmas Boxes for the Port of Houston Seafarers.  This had been done by the Men in Mission of MLLC for several years in the past, but the practice was set aside for a few years.   In 2014 we resumed the preparation of Christmas Boxes.  Check out this link to learn more about what our chaplains at the Port of Houston do for the seafarers from around the world.

During the past few months people of MLLC have been donating items for the boxes.  On December 1 the men and friends worked together to pack and then wrap the boxes.

Christmas Boxes 2014 Carol

Christmas Boxes 2014 filling

Christmas Boxes 2014 boxes

On Thursday, December 4, these 34 Christmas boxes were brought to the port chaplains office for distribution.  Pastor David Tinker and his son presented the boxes to Chaplain Lacey Largent.  By the time our boxes arrived another 5,500 boxes had been donated.  The expected total for 2014 is about 11,000.  Check out the photos of scenes from around the Seafarers Center.

Christmas Boxes 2014 out front

Christmas Boxes 2014 chapel

Christmas Boxes 2014 nativity

Christmas Boxes 2014 rec room

Christmas Boxes 2014 sign inside

Our boxes were immediately packed up for delivery to the next ship in the port.

Christmas Boxes 2014 Off to ship

Thank you very much for donating to this cause.  Thank you to all the team who put these together for delivery to our seafarer friends who visit the port at this time of year.