Christmas Boxes for Houston Seafarers

Christmas Boxes 2014 working

A caring tradition of MLLC was revived this year.  The Lutheran Men in Mission of MLLC resumed filling and distributing Christmas Boxes for the Port of Houston Seafarers.  This had been done by the Men in Mission of MLLC for several years in the past, but the practice was set aside for a few years.   In 2014 we resumed the preparation of Christmas Boxes.  Check out this link to learn more about what our chaplains at the Port of Houston do for the seafarers from around the world.

During the past few months people of MLLC have been donating items for the boxes.  On December 1 the men and friends worked together to pack and then wrap the boxes.

Christmas Boxes 2014 Carol

Christmas Boxes 2014 filling

Christmas Boxes 2014 boxes

On Thursday, December 4, these 34 Christmas boxes were brought to the port chaplains office for distribution.  Pastor David Tinker and his son presented the boxes to Chaplain Lacey Largent.  By the time our boxes arrived another 5,500 boxes had been donated.  The expected total for 2014 is about 11,000.  Check out the photos of scenes from around the Seafarers Center.

Christmas Boxes 2014 out front

Christmas Boxes 2014 chapel

Christmas Boxes 2014 nativity

Christmas Boxes 2014 rec room

Christmas Boxes 2014 sign inside

Our boxes were immediately packed up for delivery to the next ship in the port.

Christmas Boxes 2014 Off to ship

Thank you very much for donating to this cause.  Thank you to all the team who put these together for delivery to our seafarer friends who visit the port at this time of year.