Boxes for Seafarers – November 30

Christmas Boxes 2014 filling

Packing of boxes will take place on Monday, November 30, at 6 p.m. in the parlor at MLLC – the room just before the church offices.
All are invited to participate.


Dear Friends in Christ,

The Martin Luther Men in Mission want very much to express our appreciation and thanks to all congregation members and friends who chose to contribute to the Port of Houston Seafarers Shoe-box Christmas project. You did a very good job last year, but you have exceeded that this year.

I know that many times it’s not wise to single out someone for the fear of missing someone who has contributed as much. However, I’ll take the chance (and if I learn that someone has done likewise, I’d gladly apologize and give them their due). About four to six weeks ago Ms. Dianne Sager told me that she and Mr. Ted Sager had applied for a $250.00 grant from Thrivent Financial for items to fill the shoe boxes. Several weeks ago she told me she had received the grant. Two weeks ago she had purchased the items and had filled the collection box, and if we needed help she would gladly help. It is hard to beat her enthusiasm.

We will be packing and wrapping the boxes on Monday, November 30 at 6:00 p.m. All congregation members and friends who want to join in the project are invited to come when they can. Again, thanks.

Yours in Christ,
Alvis Mueller – MLLC Men in Mission President

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