VBS Bar Soap Challenge Report


soap vbs congregation Aug0814


The results are in for the Vacation Bible School (VBS) Bar Soap Challenge.

The students of the 2014 VBS at MLLC collected 246 individually wrapped bar soaps.  These were collected during the week of VBS: August 21-27.

During the 2 weeks following that the congregation was challenged to meet this total.  The congregation collected 198 bars of soap.

VBS students:  246

Congregation:  198

Grand Total:  444


For the sake of those in need around the world we will continue to collect these individually wrapped bar soaps through Resurrection Sunday 2015 – April 5, 2015.  We will also receive monetary donations to cover the cost of shipping these items.  Most importantly, please remember to pray for the ministry of Lutheran World Relief, and for those individuals who will eventually receive these items.

The real winners in this challenge are our neighbors around the world who will get to use the soap for personal hygiene.  The soap will be passed along to Lutheran World Relief for distribution to people in need around the world.

Thank you to everybody who participated in this special project.  We look forward to the continued collecting  of bar soap for the months to come.

Soap for LWR Challenge

soap vbs congregation Aug0814

At Vacation Bible School (VBS) here at MLLC our students collected individually wrapped bars of soap to give to Lutheran World Relief (LWR).  During the week at VBS (July 21-25) there were 246 bars of soap collected. Note that this is a revised total from what you see in the photo above.

The VBS students and staff have put a challenge out to the congregation.  They want to see if the people of MLLC can gather together at least 246 bars of soap for LWR by Sunday, August 10.  Quite a bit has come in already.  Together in ministry we would be very happy if the congregation could match this challenge.

Between now and this Sunday, August 10, you still have time to look around your home or to go shopping to get some individually wrapped bar soap to meet this challenge.  When you come to worship on Saturday (6 p.m.) or Sunday (9 a.m.) you can drop your soap by at the church in the Narthex.

After this date we will still collect individually wrapped bar soap.  These can be individual or multi-pacs.  In early April 2015 we will bring these to the Brenham area LWR collection site and send these off for LWR to use to help people around the world.

What you can do:

1.  Pray for this charitable work for our neighbors and for the ongoing ministry of LWR.

2.  Give money to help cover the cost of shipping such items.

3.  Bring individually wrapped bar soap (single or multi-pacs) to MLLC.

4.  Give thanks for our ministry together.