Treehouse Student Visitors



MLLC is a supporting congregation of the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Blinn (Brenham and Bryan campuses) and Texas A&M (College Station).  This outreach ministry is known as Treehouse.

For the third year in a row MLLC has welcomed student preachers from Treehouse on Campus Ministry Sunday.  This year the visitors came on Sunday, January 29.  The students were both from Texas A&M:  Doug Howell and Jessica Rollinson (pictured above with Pastor David Tinker).  The students were joined by Treehouse Board Member – Jim Dunham.  Jim has roots and family members at MLLC.

The students shared about their faith experiences and connections with Treehouse.  As always, the student visitors gave an excellent and uplifting presentation.

As part of our ongoing support of Treehouse, MLLC receives and passes along financial gifts for the ministry.  If you would like to support the ministry of Treehouse in this way, send your gifts to MLLC, and note on the check or envelope that that the gift if for Treehouse.  Several families and individuals at MLLC make regular gifts to the Treehouse in this way.


Here are some photos of the students as they preached and shared on Sunday.