Carmine Car Show: Remembering Bob Springer

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Remembering Bob Springer

The Carmine Community has hosted a classic car show for several years.  It was founded and organized by Robert “Bob” Springer.  He had great commitment and love for the Carmine Community.  The car show was one of the ways he cared for the community.  Bob’s love for neighbor was expressed, in part, by the Sweetheart Classic Car Show which continued to be held on the 2nd Saturday of February each year.  This near Valentine’s Day, thus the Sweetheart.


At the end of November 2022 Bob died after an extended illness. Here is a link to his obituary.  Pastor David Tinker led the memorial service for the close family during December 2022.


A wonderful way to remember Bob Springer and to support the Carmine community is by attending the Sweetheart Classic Car Show on Saturday, February  11, 2023.  It will run from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.  This takes place on East Sylvan street near the Carmine Train Depot Museum.  That is just around the corner from MLLC.  Enjoy the show, and offer a prayer of thanks for Bob Springer and the entire Carmine community.


A photo of Bob Springer at his Texas Basketball Museum in Carmine.