Pentecost 2023 – Wear Red to Worship

Holy Spirit Icon Pentecost

The Great Festival of Pentecost

On the weekend of May 27-28, 2023, we will be celebrating one of the central festivals of the Church Year.  This is the Day of Pentecost.  It is the celebration of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the whole church.  We read about this dramatic giving of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-42.  This giving of the Holy Spirit was a powerful kick-start of the mission and ministry of the Church following the Ascension of Jesus ten days earlier.

At MLLC we are offering two distinct worship opportunities for the celebration of Pentecost.


Saturday, May 27 at 6 p.m. – The Vigil of Pentecost.

This is a time of waiting, listening, and praying as we prepare for the grand festival.

Readings, candles, Pentecost Sermon of St. John Chrysostom, Holy Communion


Sunday, May 28, at 10 a.m. – The Day of Pentecost

Festival Worship Service for Pentecost

Reading of Acts 2, Pentecost Sermon of St. John Chrysostom, Holy Communion

Penteocost fire bw

The Festival Vigils

At MLLC we offer both the Vigil and the Festival services for all three of the Major Festival celebrations:  Nativity (Christmas), Resurrection (Easter), and Pentecost.  Each of the Vigils is on the night before the grand festival day.  Each of the Vigils includes a special time using handheld candles. The Vigil of the Nativity is more commonly known as, “The Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.”  The other two use the titles, “The Vigil of Pentecost,” and, “The Great Vigil of Easter.”

Christmas Eve 2014 Candles


Remember to Wear Red for Pentecost

red pentecost 2

It is happy tradition that people are encouraged to wear something Red to worship on Pentecost Weekend.  We follow this at MLLC as well.  It is not required, for it is simply a joyful way to celebrate the Holy Spirit and our life together in Jesus.  Look through your drawers and closets for red ties, red shirts, red dresses, red skirts, red suspenders, red coats, or whatever you could wear for this holy and joyful weekend of worship.

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