Turkey Dinner and Thankoffering Sunday – November 13

Turkey 2022

Turkey & Dressing Dinner – November 13

As of today, November 8, tickets are still available for this special meal.  See flier for contacts for purchasing tickets.


Thankoffering Sunday – November 13

This service is an annual tradition at MLLC, and in many Lutheran churches.

Our annual service will be led by the women of the congregation.  Our guest speaker will be Carolyn Bennetsen, who will be sharing about quilting ministry.  Music will be led by our Praise Team.  Worship will be at 10 a.m.

We will also offer our usual Saturday service at 6 p.m., but this will not be the Thankoffering event.

Here is an introduction to the day:

2022 Thankoffering Service

As we make our Thankofferings today, we share in a tradition that goes back to the 1800s or even earlier. Then, when it seemed that there was not enough money to carry out the work of the church, the women would act together as “cent” or “mite” societies. Each woman would set aside offerings at home throughout the year in thanksgiving for blessings received. And on occasion, the women would come together as we do today, joining their offerings together to support ministry of many kinds.

When Women of the ELCA was formed in 1987, we committed to continue this tradition of giving in gratitude for blessings. Each year, in thousands of congregations, Thankofferings are given to support the life-changing ministries of Women of the ELCA. Together, we do more than we could ever do apart. In gratitude for all God has given to us, and with hope for all that is to come, let us now give our Thankoffering.

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