Christmas Boxes for Seafarer for 2020


Christmas Boxes for Port of Houston Seafarers – Loving Our Neighbors

By Pastor David Tinker

We have heard that the Seafarers Christmas Boxes are needed more now than ever.  The men on the ships are more isolated than usual due to the COVID19 pandemic.  Our love for these neighbors will help them know the love of God and make life less difficult.  We will be collecting items and preparing the Christmas Boxes for the Port of Houston Seafarers.  The goal for this year is 100+ boxes.  Items may be placed in the room across from the main church office. The Packing Day for the Boxes for Seafarers is Monday, November 23, at 6:00 p.m.  The work will take place in the Parlor.  All are invited to participate.

For this year (2020), please gather items such as these for the men on the ships – you can buy things throughout the year and drop these off at any time.  There is a large blue storage bin for this purpose in the room directly across from the church office.  Our goal in 2020 is to pack and deliver 100+ boxes.

The Men in Mission Group does not need boxes this year.  These were provided by Home Depot in Brenham.  See the rest of this list for requested items.

On personal care items, consider giving a regular size rather than the small, travel size.  Most importantly, consider what you would enjoy receiving.  This is a ministry of love.

Remember to love your neighbor as yourself.

Address books
Band-aids (fabric)
Baseball caps – new condition only, not used please.
2021 Calendars
Dental Floss
Disposable razors
Flashlight and batteries
Kleenex – small packs
Lip balm
Nail clippers
Gold Bond cream
Gold Bond powder
Hot Chocolate (individual serving size)
Needles and thread
Shaving cream
Gum and hard candy
Key chains
Pocket-sized notebooks
Mechanical pencils
Playing cards
Microwave popcorn (individual packages)
Sudoku books
Texas souvenirs
USB flash drives
Word search books

Christmas Boxes 2014 working 2


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