Announcing Resumption of In-Person Worship


In Person Services Will Resume June 6-7

Here is the communication which will also be in the June Newsletter.  We are working to resume our gatherings in a reverent and helpful manner.

Our Situation in June 2020

In observing the situation, the church council has decided to phase in the “in-person” worship and activities.


Here is the Plan for the June:

*We will gather for worship at our usual times:  Saturday at 6 p.m.; Sunday at 10 a.m.

*There is no pressure to attend the in-person services.  This is a time of transition.

*We ask that the Saturday service be reserved, as much as possible, for our senior, adult worship attendees.  A companion or family member can attend with the senior as is helpful.  This will help us with the 50 person maximum as noted below.

*We ask that the Sunday service be reserved, as much as possible, for the younger than senior individuals and families. This will help us with the 50 person maximum as noted below.

*In consideration of state guidance, the limit in our sanctuary for worship services will be 50, plus worship leaders.  We will have overflow into the Parlor, with audio available.  Every other row will be blocked off.  Different individuals/couples/households/families are asked to sit away from each other throughout the sanctuary.

*The services will be simpler than usual, much like what has been offered in the Facebook Live services.  No communion yet, as this greatly increases the physical contact and proximity between individuals.  Yes, we know this is difficult, as the Sacrament is so central to our life with Christ.

*Regarding Offerings:  there will be an offering plate on the table at the back of the sanctuary.  You may place your offerings there, or you may continue to send these by mail or through the church’s giving web site.

*Group meetings and class meetings will phase in at various times in the summer.

*The church office staff will only be on site as needed, but generally Monday-Friday.  Call before coming by, just to make sure.  The office answering machine will be checked regularly. For emergencies please contact Pastor David Tinker on his cell phone: 713-461-8007

*No printed bulletins or congregational singing yet.  These both increase the potential of the spread of infection.

 *Our partner congregation, Waldeck Evangelical Lutheran Church, will also resume in-person worship services on June 7.  Their service time is 8:00 a.m. each Sunday.

Devotional and Worship

Daily devotions will continue on the church web site: The link for these is being emailed to the newsletter list, and the links are provided on the church Facebook page.

To begin receiving these notifications, send a message requesting that your address be added.

We will to offer a Sunday devotion through our Facebook page on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.  It will be viewable later as desired.  You do not need a Facebook account to view the service. Go to: to view the church page.  Links to the YouTube version will be on the church web page.

We will continue to send a bulletin and Sunday devotion to our older members (~75+), nursing home residents and shut-in individuals.  This will be by email (if used by the person) or by postal delivery.  The same bulletin will be available on the web site each week.

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