New Member Page Updated





We celebrated New Member Sunday at MLLC on November 6.  This was also All Saints Sunday.  We welcomed 6 new members to the congregation on that day.  Three of those are pictured above.

We also updated the New Member Page with information about the newest members of the congregation.  Click this link to see more about those who have recently joined MLLC.


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  1. It was great to see the pictures and posts about the new members. Thanks for doing that! I was just wondering why the last names were not mentioned?


    • It has been the general practice on our church web site not to put the last names of children who are pictured. Since most of the photos on the new member page include mention of children I have not put any last names page. If one dug very deep in the web site one might be able to connect a last name to a child who is pictured on some other page. This is meant to protect the children.

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