God’s Work, Our Hands Day 2015

School Kits 4

Join Hands–God’s Work Our Hands report (from Dianne Sager):
In April, Ted and I attended the Synodical Convention in Houston. At the convention, we became interested in the Join Hands–God’s Work, Our Hands program. I became convinced that we could make that happen at MLLC. Nancy Eilers and myself each applied for monies from Thrivent Financial– Action Teams and were approved. Nancy applied for funds for School Kits and I applied for funds for Personal Care Kits. Each team received $250.00. In September, we choose a date to take items out of original packaging and pack for the upcoming shipment to LWR, that will happen the Monday after Easter. We packed 120 School Kits and 50 Personal Care Kits. We still lack about 150 pens for the School Kits.

Here are our volunteers for this event: Dianne Sager, Nancy Eilers, Thelma Hinze, Carol Carmean, Donna Mueller, Karen Dooley, Beverly Cucuzza, Diana Wunderlich, Ann O’Hara, and Dianna Gerland.

School Kits 7 School Kits 6 School Kits 5

School Kits 3 School Kits 2 School Kits 1

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