Jacob Fundraiser Event

Jacob Family

The Community of Carmine pulled together to support MLLC members Lane and Robyn Jacob, and their family, on Saturday, May 9. The event was a fundraiser to support this family in their time of difficulty.  This event was noted previously in this article:  click link.  It is a wonderful thing when people work together and serve one another.

Back in March 2015 their family home burned to the ground.  We are thankful that nobody was hurt.  The family was away at the time to support daughter Taylor at a rodeo event.

Following the fire the Carmine Community pulled together to support this family in their time of need.  Thanks to all who gave of their time, energy, materials and love to support this family.  It was a great way to show our love for our neighbors and to show love for one another in the community of faith.

The people of MLLC worked side by side with community members and friends, as well as various community organizations, to bring about a day of love and support for the Jacob family.

This day of support was one of a number of various ways people worked together to support this family.  As with anybody in such a situation the long term care, support, prayers and friendship which we offer will make a world of difference.
Here are some photos from the event:

Jacob cooking Jacob dessertJacob Food Jacob kitchen Jacob Race



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