New Bible Study Class



A vivid journey through God’s Word.

We are beginning a new short Bible Study class at MLLC.  The Bible’s Big Story – Our Story, with materials from Crossways International (click the link to find out more).  Above is a photo of the two sides of the Telltale Time-line which will be the heart of this class.  You are also encouraged to bring your Bible.  If you do not have a Bible, we have Bibles you can use.

The photo of the timeline is used with permission of Crossways International, and is copyright H. N. Wendt.

You do not need to know much about the Bible to attend.  Simply come to listen if that is all you wish to do.  Or, come to discuss and interact as much as you feel comfortable.

Wednesdays – January 7, 14, 21, February 4 and 11 – come to as many as you are able, even if you miss the first one, or another one.  We will review what has been done in previous weeks.

The class will meet each week:  7-8 p.m.

In the Parlor – the room between the sanctuary and the church offices.

The class will be taught by Pastor David Tinker.  He has more than a decade of experience teaching this class and using this time-line.  You can contact him for more information:  office phone:  979-278-3388, email:

There have already been requests to offer this class at another time of day or another day of the week.  We will offer this class again as the year goes along.  Keep watch of this web site and other MLLC announcements for future dates.


Here are reviews of these materials and classes by people from other congregations who have used this series either as teachers or students:

“People are amazed at how much they learn about the Bible in (a few) hours! The Bible’s Big Story, Our Story provides this opportunity. Rev. Paul Jagoe, St. Philip’s Anglican Church, Orlando, FL

“After eight years of trying to get adult education beyond the small Sunday morning class, The Bible’s Big Story provided the breakthrough! We now have over one-third of our worshipping congregation involved in two Crossways classes and one The Divine Drama®. What a thrill to see this kind of interest! This material provides a way to build interest in the Word which changes lives and congregations.”
Rev. Thomas McCurdy, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, New Castle, PA

“Participants were excited and thrilled with the wealth of information in The Bible’s Big Story: Our Story and the Biblical Tell Tale Time Line. [The CI visuals] are very easy to follow, but most profound in content.”
Ms. Rose Stegman, Faith Formation Office, St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church & School, Glenshaw, PA

“I have taught this terrific material since 1979! It is like a breath of fresh air; it gives interpretation and perspective of the total Bible. TBBS is one of the best things I’ve used. I have taught it to busy people in today’s busy world who appreciate the overview of the biblical narrative in a concise and Bible-focused manner.”
Rev. Walter Steinbach, Bethany Lutheran Church, Kaukauna, WI

“Crossways International has made a tremendous impact in my outreach in the community. Due to my position, I have many people who stop and inquire about the Bible. Here is where the CI material has been most helpful. The Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line has become a standard instrument to present the Gospel Message. With it’s detailed graphics and easy-to-identify and remember icons, I lead people through the entire time line and offer them a panoramic view of God’s divine plan that was fulfilled in Jesus, the Christ.”
Raymond Rossell, Bible Teacher – Baptist, Flushing, MI

“It is an exciting way to teach and share the Bible’s big picture. I use this study to whet the appetites of high school students and adults in a study of God’s Word – with hopes of them signing up for the next class that digs even deeper into Scripture.”

Pastor Jan Campbell, Peace Lutheran Church, Rockdale, TX



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  1. Hi Pastor Tinker, What are the possibilities of streaming these Bible studies on YouTube for those of us that cannot attend? Just a thought….


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    • That would be a great idea. I will need to check into the details and copyright issues. We will be offering the class a few more times this year, with at least one being on a weekend.

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