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  1. Pastor,

    At our church in the Fall of year we ask our members to submit to the church office the names of people who the person submitting thinks might be a good person to invite to be a member. Once the Pastor has the names (he calls them) he has a coffee/cookie reception at the church on a weekday night with all who want to come. He tells them about the church/mission/what we believe and a tour of the church. Then he gives them a piece of paper that has four check off boxes.
    1. I am interested in joining let me know when the classes start.
    2. I am interested, but I want to come and talk more to the Pastor.
    3. I am interested, and I will get back to you in the near future.
    4. I am not interested at this time.

    Get Name, address, phone numbers, email address.

    The people put their check off list and info in an envelope and leave. That way there is no pressure to make a decision that night in front of everyone.

    GOD works every time on the list so it is a good way to grow the church.

    Duane Berreth

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